The First National General Practice Qualuty Forum

All relevant institutions:

In order to continuously improve the scientific, standardized and refined level of quality management in general practice and promote the high-quality development of general practice work, Shanghai General Practice Clinical Quality Control Center and Chongqing General Practice Quality Control Center intend to establish the Quality Control Consortium in General Practice(preparation), in cooperation with several management and research institutions in the field of general practice. In addition, the first National Forum on Quality of General Practice will be held in Shanghai on May 20, 2023, with the theme of "Develop general practice, give priority to quality", so as to better meet the growing demand for medical and health services of the public, taking people's health as the core, innovation and development as the driving force. Quality and safety are the lifelines of the development of general practice, so strengthening quality management and guaranteeing medical safety should be the core task of general practice development. This forum will build an academic platform for consensus establishment, communication and sharing, promoting the service capacity of general practice in China to a new level.

This forum focuses on four dimensions including policy, management, guidelines and practice. Leaders from the National Health Commission and Shanghai Health Commission, authoritative experts in the field will be invited to discuss the quality of general practice.

The organizing committee of the forum sincerely invites the relevant leaders of local health committees, the relevant directors of general practice quality control departments, the relevant directors and key personnel of community health service centers and general practice department in general hospitals, clinical workers, researchers, educators, administrators in the field of general practice across our country to participate in the forum.



Quality Control Consortium in General Practice(preparation)


Shanghai General Practice Clinical Quality Control Center

Chongqing General Practice Quality Control Center

Chinese General Practice Publishing House


Yangpu Hospital, School of Medicine, Tongji University

Conference Information

I. Forum theme

Develop general practice, give priority to quality

II. Forum time

May 20, 2023 (Saturday), 8:30-17:00

III. Forum Venue

Shanghai International Convention Center (live and online)

Detailed address: No. 2727 Binjiang Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

IV. Check-in time and location

Check-in time: May 19, 2023 from 12:00

Check-in location: Shanghai International Convention Center

Address: No. 2727 Binjiang Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

V. Registration

Registration and participation of offline participants (no registration fee, conference materials and lunch will be provided free of charge by the conference organizer. Transportation and accommodation fees are at your own expense).

Registration deadline: May 12, 2023.

Register for the conference:

Registration link:https://mm.sciconf.cn/cn/minisite/index/17425

VI. Conference schedule link:https://www.chinagp.net/CN/news/news499.shtml

VII. Contact information

1 Register for the conference contact

Mrs. Li:18501180656

E-mail: zgqkyx@chinagp.net.cn

Mrs. Gao:15010211890

E-mail: qkyxkyfw@chinagp.net.cn

2 Exhibitor Contact

Mr. Lu:18501180651

E-mail: lufeifei@chinagp.net.cn

Mr. Yin:18501180654

E-mail: yinpeng@chinagp.net.cn