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Yan Feng; Keji Chen


As a traditional Chinese medicine,Panax notoginseng has a significant effect in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases due to its effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.With the improvement of modern extraction technology,Panax notoginseng extract greatly improves its efficacy.In this paper,the mechanism of action,clinical effect and possible adverse reactions of Panax notoginseng extract(the main component of Panax notoginseng saponins,PNS)in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases(coronary heart disease,hypertension,heart failure,arrhythmia)at home and abroad in recent years were sorted out,and the relevant literature was analyzed,summarized and summarized.It is concluded that PNS and its effective components have definite curative effect on cardiovascular disease,especially in coronary heart disease,hypertension,heart failure,arrhythmia or multiple diseases coexisting,Panax notoginseng extract PNS can play a single drug and play a variety of pharmacodynamic effects,at the same time, reduce the economic and mental pressure of patients,and improve the risk of cardiovascular disease quality of life.

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