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Zhenxiong Liu


Background Gastroesophageal reflux disease(GERD)is a common digestive disease with high global incidence trend,which may cause serious psychological burden on patients,and is closely related to anxiety and depression prevalence in them.Therefore,accurate understanding of the mental state of GERD will contribute to better diagnosis and treatment of GERD.However,there is no systematic analysis of mental status and GERD in Chinese population. Objective To perform a Meta-analysis of studies regarding anxiety and depression prevalence in Chinese GERD patients.Methods Investigative studies on anxiety and depression in Chinese GERD patients published from January 2000 to May 2020 were collected through searching the databases of CBM,CNKI,Wanfang Data,VIP,and PubMed.Meta-analysis was conducted by using Stata 12.0 and Revman 5.1. Results A total of 17 articles involving 90 537 subjects were included,with good methodological quality generally.The result showed that the prevalence of anxiety disorder in GERD,reflux esophagitis(RE)and non-erosive reflux disease(NERD) patients was 41%〔95%CI(31%,51%)〕,36%〔95%CI(25%,48%)〕,and 51%〔95%CI(44%,58%)〕, respectively.The prevalence of depression disorder in GERD patients was 37%〔95%CI(32%,42%)〕.The prevalence of depression disorder in depressive disorder in GERD,RE and NERD patients was 37%〔95%CI(32%,42%)〕,34%〔95%CI(28%,39%)〕,and 45%〔95%CI(23%,67%)〕,respectively. Conclusion Anxiety and depression presents high prevalence in Chinese GERD patients.As this population is more susceptible to anxiety and depression,understanding their mental status may help to better treat GERD.

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