In the system of public health emergency preparedness network,primary care plays an important role as the "bottom of the net". Establishing fever sentinel surveillance clinics in primary healthcare institutions is conducive to the realization of early detection,diagnosis,and isolation and timely reporting of public health emergencies,thus controlling the spread of an epidemic.Currently,China is stepping up efforts to construct fever sentinel surveillance clinics and fever clinics in primary healthcare institutions,but the construction standards and functions of such clinics are still preliminary exploration. According to the requirements of relevant regulations,the minimum standards of fever sentinel clinics in primary healthcare institutions should include three aspects: construction layout,hardware and software allocations. To make the fever sentinel surveillance clinic better perform its primary role in coping with public health emergencies,in view of the common problems in setting up a fever sentinel surveillance clinic in primary care,we put forward the following recommendations:strengthening the establishment of community health emergency system,extensively carrying out trainings about publish health emergencies for primary care professionals and work supervision,building a convenient and efficient information network,and standardizing the establishment of a fever sentinel surveillance clinic and managing its operation continuously.

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